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#503 - Commissioner Street
The Rand Club (Building on the right) was founded in October 1887. Rand Club’s colourful and often dramatic history is closely linked with the development of the world’s greatest goldfield and with the emergence of modern South Africa.. Cecil John Rhodes asked Dr Hans Sauer, the first district surgeon of Johannesburg, to return to the Rand and obtain options for ground.  In December 1886 after completing some business, Rhodes suggested to Sauer that they should take a walk and select a site for a club.  After wandering about for some time Rhodes suddenly stopped and said “This corner will do for the club”.  It was at the point where Commissioner street met a street running from Marshall’s township into Market Square
#347 - Commissioner Street
#327 - Loveday Street
#354- Siemert Street
#337- Pritchard Street
#336- Pretorius Street, Pretoria
#355- Smit Street,  Braamfonteint
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