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Adelaide - South Australia
King William Street
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              #16 - Post Office, Adelaide
In February 1836 the John Pirie and the Duke of York set sail for South Australia. They were followed in March by the Cygnet and Lady Mary Pelham, in April by the Emma, in May by the Rapid (captained by Colonel Light) and then by the Africaine  and Tam o' Shanter.
Colonists who had already purchased land before departing were given first choice on 23 March 1837, and the remaining areas were auctioned for between 2 and 14 guineas. Within a few weeks many of the same areas were selling for between 80 and 100 pounds which was seen as a healthy sign. With the town survey completed.
              #4506 - Grenfell Street. Adelaide
              #340 - The Jetty, Glenelg
              #70 - Rundle Street looking west, Adelaide
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              #203 - Rundle Street, Adelaide
              #339 - O’Connel Street, North Adelaide
              #271 - Fire Brigade Station,  Adelaide
The South Australian Fire Brigade was formed in 1882, following passing of the Fire Brigades Act. In 1981 the service was renamed to The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (SAMFS) when it became government funded.
The street was named after John Rundle, a director of the South Australia Company and member of the House of Commons, by the Street Naming Committee on 23 May 1837.  Rundle Street was installed with the first electric street lighting in South Australia in 1895 at the former intersection of Rundle, King William and Hindley streets.