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Rose Bay and Woollahra Point
Rose Bay was named after The Right Honourable George Rose  who was joint Secretary to the British Treasury with Thomas Steele, after whom Steel(e) Point at Nielsen Park was named. The name Rose Bay was used as early as 1778 by Captain John Hunter. When the first Qantas flying boat took off in 1938 from Sydney’s Rose Bay bound for England, there were no terminal buildings, jetties or even gangplanks. A small ferry took passengers out to the mooring. Indeed the trip was treated as a sea voyage, and fishing line was provided for use on any of the thirty stops along the way.GEORGE ROBERTS, QANTAS ENGINEER 1936-1970: On 5 July 1938, the first flying boat took off from Rose Bay to fly through to Southampton. The reason for Rose Bay being chosen the fact that it was, firstly, a very large bay and largely still water. Initially, we had no shipway, no hangar, so it made it quite difficult to operate under those conditions. Working over the water like that, very often, the tool would fall from your fingers and once it went down to the bottom that was the end of it. So we drilled holes in our spanners and screwdrivers and things like that. We attached a cord to them, but many, many were lost overboard. The flying boat was a very much larger aircraft, an all-metal aircraft, for the first time. It was the first aircraft to arrive in Australia with an automatic pilot. It was the first aircraft we had with a galley and steward. And the flight deck, of course, was above the main deck, away from the passengers for the first time. Largely, it was intended for airmail. Passengers were few - only...just 15 people. We had 31 flying boats operating between Southampton and Sydney and they came here on three a week. The route of it was up the coast to Brisbane, refuelling, Gladstone, on to Townsville where it night- stopped. They flew across the Cape York Peninsula, to Karumba, from there to Groote Eyelandt and on to Darwin. Then was there across the Timor, over to Kupang and then through to Bima, on to Surabaya, and Batavia, which today is Jakarta, and on to Singapore. And that took nine and a half days. Prior to that, the flight to England was 12 and a half days.
Kincoppal traces its origins to the establishment of two schools. The first, the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Rose Bay, was founded in 1882. The other, named Kincoppal was established at Elizabeth Bay in 1909. In 1971 these two schools were amalgamated on the Convent of the Sacred Heart campus and became known as Kincoppal-Rose Bay, School of the Sacred Heart. 
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