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Macquarie Street is named after Australia's Colonial Governor, Lachlan Macquarie (1810- 1821). It was in 1792 that Governor Phillip proclaimed Macquarie Street and the open spaces of Hyde Park, Botanic Gardens and Domain for Government use. The street was officially proclaimed by Governor Macquarie in 1810. In the early years the street extended from Hyde Park to Bent Street but was later extended in both directions - north to Bennelong Point (Opera House) and south through Hyde Park to Surry Hills. However in 1851 the Hyde Park section was once again closed. The street was named in honour of Lachlan Macquarie the governor of New South Wales (1810- 1821) who was responsible for the construction of Sydney's first public buildings and was responsible for setting the boundaries of Sydney's grid of streets.   Since the earliest days of the colony, location of the government precinct and residences of official and eminent citizens. In 1881 Macquarie Street extended from Bent Street to Harbour. A competition for Parliament House was held in 1876 and 1888. Macquarie Street was widened in 1914 and connected to Martin Place in 1935. Butters Committee also recommended massive redevelopment for new Parliament House and Law Courts in 1935. In 1960 the State Planning Authority proposed typical redevelopment with high rise towers and slabs. The Government Architect's Branch of the Public Works Department responded with a series of reports which gradually scaled down the redevelopment proposed, culminating in the 1983 report which lead to substantial improvements to the landscape and streetscape prior to 1988 and to the low scale additions to Parliament House and the State library. 
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