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Camps Bay and Clifton
The first residents of Camps Bay were the San (Hunter Gatherers) and the Goringqhaique, Khoi pastorates. When Jan van Riebeek established a refreshment station for the VOC (Dutch East India Company), the 12 Apostle mountains were covered in forests with lion, leopard and antelope. The area granted to John Lodewyk Wernich and passed from father to son. Johan Wernich married Anna Koekemoer, who on his death in 1778, married Fredrick Ernst von Kamptz, a sailor and the area became known as “Die Baai van von Kamptz”. For most of the 1800s Camps Bay was undeveloped. Lord Charles Somerset used the area for hunting and used the Roundhouse as his lodge. Kloof Road was built in 1848 and in 1884 Thomas Bain was commissioned to build a road from Sea Point to Camps Bay using convict labour. The road was completed in 1887 and named Victoria road to honour Queen Victoria’s jubilee in 1888. The road allowed people to cycle out to Camps Bay which had gained popularity as a picnic site. This led to the development, in 1901 of the Camps Bay tramway to bring people out for the day and with it the development of the tidal pools, the Rotunda and a pavilion for concerts and shows.  
                     #108- Camps Bay                                    
                     #484- Camps Bay and the Apostles                                    
                     #470- Camps Bay                                   
                     #113- General View of Camps Bay and Apostles                                   
                     #498- Childrens Bathing pool and Lions Head, Camps Bay                                
                     #497- Beach, Camps Bay, looking towards Lions Head                                
                     #430- Childrens Bathing Pool, Camps Bay
                     #499- Camps Bay & Twelve Apostles
                     #317- Victoria Road and Clifton Hotel
                     #500- Clifton-on-sea and Twelve Apostles
                     #379- Mountain Tramway, Camps Bay
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