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Bent Street
Bent Street was not so named because it takes a bend.  It was named after Ellis Bent (1783 – 10 November 1815) who was the deputy judge advocate between 1810 and 1815 of New South Wales. The deputy judge advocate was the senior legal officer of the colony and functioned in many ways as a Chief Justice. Bent was the first barrister to be appointed to a judicial office in the infant colony in an era when military officers were commonly appointed to the position.    Bent Street in Sydney,  Bent's Basin and Ellis Bent Road, Greendale near the Warragamba Dam are named after him. Bent sailed with his wife and son in H.M.S. Dromedary, the same ship that was also carrying Lachlan  Macquarie to his command in the colony, and they became close friends.  Bent brought with him brandy and wine as a speculation and was able to furnish his house with the proceeds.
#158 - Public Library and Australian Club, Bent Street
#420 - Bent Street, Sydney N.S.W. in 1840
#250 - Australian Club, near Domain entrance
Australian Club. The Australian Club is a private club founded in 1838.  Its membership is men-only and it is the oldest gentlemen's club in the southern hemisphere.
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