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In the early 1800s swimming at Sydney's beaches was a controversial pastime. Convicts were forbidden from bathing in Sydney Harbour because of "the dangers of sharks and stingrays, and for reasons of decorum". By the 1830's sea bathing was a popular activity despite being officially banned between 9.00am and 8.00pm. During the 1900s these restrictive attitudes began to relax and the beach became associated with health, leisure and democracy - a playground everyone could enjoy equally.
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Bondi Beach
Manly Beach
Coogee Beach
Clifton Gardens
Bondi Beach as the "Playground of the Pacific".
Captain Arthur Phillip gave the name Manly Cove to the place where they first met the local s who looked very “manly”.
Aboriginal. The
name Coogee
The name Coogee is said to be taken from a local Aboriginal word koojah which means "smelly place".
Early settler Captain E. H. Cliffe purchased a 56 acre estate on the waters edge, he named it "Cliffeton"
Cronulla Beach
Cronulla is derived from kurranulla, meaning ‘‘place of the pink seashells’’ in the dialect of the area's Aboriginal inhabitants.
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Maroubra is a local Aboriginal word meaning place of thunder.
Maroubra Beach
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La Perouse
La Perouse was named after Le Compte de Laperouse, a French explorer who arrived here in 1788.