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Postcards to my GrandmotherCharlotteMy great grandfather, Isadore Stanislav Hermann, Migrated to Australia from South Africa, some time in the first decade of the 20th century, leaving behind in South Africa, his older children, some of whom had already married, including my grandmother.

Either Isadore was not a good correspondent, or my grandmother was not a good hoarder, but none of his communications survived the passage of time.

What I have tried to do here is to collect some of the postcards that he could have sent home. Postcards from the three decades stretching from the turn of the century until about the early 1930's. Alongside the original postcards, I am showing photographs of their modern equivalent - the views that would greet the eyes of my own grandchildren, almost one hundred years later.groupRegrettably some scenes can not be duplicated. Buildings have been erected in the century since the postcards were printed, or trees have totally obliterated the scene. I have not included any scenes that no longer exist, where buildings have made way for more modern edifices, or where man has reshaped nature.

To destinguish old from new, all old postcards have a light grey border and the modern photo is bordered with pink.  (Only a selection of the 'modern' view are included)

  412 Western Sydney


 View of Western Sydney




 Circular Quay and the ferries

 Circular Quay



 Tank StreamThe Tank Stream, now Sydney CBD

Government House  414 Gov House







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